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Serving you Grilled Fish
ith robust & tantalising flavours since 2005

The brand rose to prominence by serving traditional Chong Qing-style grilled whole fish with a variety of specialty sauces such as the Signature Fragrant Spicy Sauce (香辣味), and Mala Sauce (麻辣味).

From China to Singapore to Bangkok

Founded by two friends in 2005, Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外 was created upon chancing on the traditional method of preparing grilled fish and topping it off with Mala sauces during a trip in Chong Qing.

Since the doors of its first store in Beijing opened, Riverside Grilled Fish has met with tremendous success, seeing crowds fill their restaurants night after night. Now, the restaurant chain has expanded overseas, with Singapore being the first Riverside Grilled Fish set up outside of China.

The best of specialities

Its success is attributed to its speciality grilled fish, perfectly boiled in an intensely-flavoured secret broth and presented with a choice of delectable sauces such as the, Mala Sauce, Green Pepper Sauce and Signature Fragrant Spicy Sauce. You can also look forward to cold dishes, Sichuan-style Chilled Chicken in Chilli Oil, wok-fried items, rice, noodles and desserts to accompany your grilled fish mains.

Where to find us

Riverside Grilled Fish islocated in Bangkok.

Bangkok, 6th fl., zone beacon, centralwOrld 4, 4/1-4/2 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

We open everyday: 10:00-22:00


Riverside Grilled Fish

6th fl., centralwOrld, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330